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On the 27th & 28th of April 2016, preceding the conference, Al Sharq Youth Forum will host some of the best media innovators in the Sharq region, and team them up in our unique and dynamic Hackathon event.

Teams will include graphic designers, software and interface developers, project managers, activists, entrepreneurs, journalists, and more who will collaborate intensively to create a meaningful digital project.

We will create innovative software tools, media campaigns, and organizational concepts that can create positive social impact in the Sharq region, including a better understanding among the different communities of the Sharq.


The hackathon was guided by three distinct challenges, listed below.


  • How might we develop media content that has potential to connect communities using an engaging cross-platform approach?


  • How might we leverage modern device technologies (mobiles, drones, VR, wearables, etc) to bridge our communities in compelling new ways?


  • How might we use the Web to unite people from different backgrounds behind a common goal while recognizing their cultures and traditions?


The application process is open to all participants and we encourage everyone to apply.

From the pool of applicants a diverse set of skills, experiences and backgrounds will be selected. Al Sharq Youth Forum reserves the right to select or disqualify any applicant for any reason, but there are no pre-set conditions that would immediately disqualify an applicant.

As this is a youth targeted event, our ideal Hackathon participant is between the ages of 18 and 35 years, but we encourage all ages to apply.

(Please note: the common working and presentation language for this event is English, so all selected participants must be fluent in the English language.) 

Teams at the hackathon will be composed of 3-4 members ideally, with a minimum of 2 members to present at the presentation session.


To enter this challenge, you MUST be one of the selected Bridging Communities participants who attended the hackathon during Al Sharq Youth Forum 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Your submission to the challenge should be complete and clear and all materials made available digitally.

Include in your submission all links to code repositories, images or design assets, demos, and videos or other resources you will need in your challenge presentation to the judges.

Any work not posted here to DevPost may be excluded for judging and award purposes at the discretion of Al Sharq Forum.

Hackathon Sponsors


1st Place Winner

Training programs, mentorship opportunities, consideration for incubation, invitations for all team members to ASYF 2016 Gala Dinner.

Runner-Up: Most Innovative

Runner-Up: Greatest Impact

Honorary Mention

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Wadah Khanfar

Wadah Khanfar
President of Al Sharq Forum

Anas Fouda

Anas Fouda
Editor In Chief of The Huffington Post Arabi

Rafael Heiber

Rafael Heiber
Executive Director & Co-Founder of Common Action Forum

Dima Khatib

Dima Khatib
Managing Director of AJ+

Riyaad Minty

Riyaad Minty
Lead/Creator of AJ+

Judging Criteria

  • Achievement
    Has this solution reached major achievements in its design, technical implementation, or strategic structure? Did the team implement ideal design principles, a solid framework, and a reliable prototype, especially considering the production time?
  • Bridging Communities
    Does this solution effectively bridge the gaps between socioeconomic, cultural, religious, ethnic, or other communities? Are users of the solution empowered to work together to identify and achieve common goals as a result of the solution?
  • Feasibility
    Does this project have the ability to reach its goals with realistic time frames and resources? Is the thinking behind it reasonable and thorough? Are there any serious blockers in the marketplace that could hinder the realisation of its potential?
  • Impact
    Would the solution have a large impact on the state of economic, social, and political conditions, in the Sharq region and/or globally? Does the solution solve a meaningful problem with the current disconnected condition of communities in the region?
  • Innovation
    How unique is the solution? Is it disruptive to the status quo? Does it differentiate sufficiently from its competition? Would this idea create a reaction of surprise and intrigue for new users?

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